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1. What is a USERBAR?
A userbar is like an avatar brother. The avatar is an image used in forums below your username. A userbar is used in the signature field. Instead of writing text on your signature just copy and paste the codes that we give to you and your userbar will appear below every post you write on any forum (bbcode or html compatible). Let's imagine you're into rock and you love a certain rock band, just choose your userbar from our Music categorie, copy the code of that userbar and paste it on the forums that you usually post. As easy as that!

2. I've copyed the USERBAR link to my signature but it doesnt work, why?
Due to an high server traffic usage all userbars are protected against hotlinking. So it means that you will have to host them elsewhere. Like or any other kind of free free image hosting websites, or even on your webserver. Then just make a code like this:

If the forum you are in uses BBCode use this: [img][/img]
If you want to use them in a website use this code: //img src=""\\ ( substitute // \\ tags with < and >)

3. How can I upload my userbars?
First register, then you will receive an email with the confirmation URL, finally login with your username and password and then:

  • Select a categorie (example: Sports)
  • Click on the UPLOAD button on your top right, the one that is circled in the image below

  • Then select a userbar from your hard disk and write a name for it. If you want you can add some additional info to the description field and keywords. For example, if you add a Coca-Cola userbar, you can add a keyword like Coke, because someone might search for Coke and will not found your Coca-Cola userbar.
  • Finally submit the userbar. Remember that a normal userbar should have 350x20 size and we are only accepting JPG, GIF and PNG formats, if you have some problems uploading check that first.



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