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Author Topic: Tournaments FAQ  (Read 10826 times)
« on: Sep 21, 2006, 09:51 AM »

(Reminder) only Moderators can start the Tournament poll

How Tournament's work
  • - 7-days tournament    ALWAYS STARTED on sundays/mondays
  • - 7-days poll*               ALWAYS STARTED on saturdays
  • - new tournament, started by winner

start an [UNAFICIAL] Turnament: in Events Aerea

Q: What are the dimensions of the userbar?
A: Exactly 350x19pix, not more, not less.

Q: What font should i use?
A: Visitor, 10pt. is recommend, but you can use any text you wish.

Q: What format should i save my userbar?
A: Because we don't care about file size, but quality, is preferable to save as png.

Q: Can i make an entry with an animated userbar?
A: Good animated bars may have an advantage over static bars and we don't want it to happen. So no animated bars.

Q: Can i post a bar i already made?
A: Definitely no, or u'll be disqualified.

Q: Can i post more then one userbar?
A: No, one is more then enough.

Q: I posted a userbar, but i want to change it, cos i made a better one. Can i change it?
A: Normally no, but if u contact the tournament starter or a Gmod and give a good reason then with permission u can change it.

Q: What is the deadline?
A: U must make your entry within 1 week. After then the tournament is made idle and starts the 1 week voting period. Later entries will not be accepted, once poll has started !

Q: I don't like the tournament keyword. Can i post a usebar with no relation to the keyword?
A: Definitely no. Wait until the other tournament, or until u find one tournament with a keyword u like.

Q: I'd like to start a tournament. What do i have to do?
A: Win a tournament and u'll be the tournament starter of the next one.

Q: Why should i enter the tournament? I don't win money.
A: Sure, we don't have money to give u. But think it better, if u win, u'll get the compliments of everyone. Respect my friends, that's all about.

(Thanks to GuiltyGear)
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« Reply #1 on: Oct 04, 2006, 08:00 PM »

[Tournament Starters related]

Q: Ok i won a tournament and now i'll start a new one. Can i use any keyword i like?
A: Sure. Any keyword is acceptable, if its not used before. Preferably u should choose a keyword which is not very common, so we will not run out of keywords after just 1 month of tournaments. For example instead of "Movies" u can choose "Horror Movies", so we have a lot of tournaments to start with just the movie types.

Q: How should I make the topic title?
A: For example, you create a tournament about "Sport Cars"  the title should be "Tournament: Sport Cars ". Just dont make it "new tournament", "this week's tournament" or something like that.

Q: What do I have to write as a description of the tournament?
A: Just write again the keyword and the end date. U can include anything that may guide designers to create right userbars, but dont write rules, cos they're already posted. Also u have to include, by modifying your post, the tournament entries, by writing "[Tournament Entries]" and the userbar image location in [img] tags.

Q: As the tournament starter, do I have any responsability for the tournament?
A: Accept then adding every entry in the first post u made, u must follow how the tournament is going and if any bar breaks the rule. If it does u have the power to disqualify it. Also if someone wants to change his bar, u are the one deciding to change it or not.

Q: Can I take part in the tournament?
A: Yes u can.

Q: Does the tournament start immediately after I create it?
A: No u should give just one day or less of time to the moderators to approve it. After this time it will run normaly.

Q: The tournament deadline is over, what do I have to do now?
A: Nothing, your work is over. The poll will be started by a moderator.

Q: During the tournament I may have pc problems or can't access my pc due to personal stuff. What is going to happen to the tournament?
A: Moderators constantly watch how the tournament is going, so even if u leave without notification, they will maintain the tournament while u are away.

Q: I changed my mind for the keyword. Can I change it after the tournament started?
A: Definitely no. It would mess up the whole tournament.

Q: Am I gonna win something as the tournament starter?
A: Thinking this way would make u a metarialst. Noone is winning more then respect.
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« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2007, 05:29 PM »

To Be Placed in First post of Tournaments

- The time line is 7 Days now till Saturday (Jan 26th) (20:00 GMT) (12:00 PM PST)
- User can only post one userbar.
- No animated bars are allowed.
- Bar must be made week of Tournament.
- Post the link to the userbar stats page (userbars.org/img*****.htm)
- Keep the usebar within standard.
  > Image Size: 350x19px
  > Font: Visitor; Size:10pt
  > Its better to use scan lines and a 1px border but that's up to you to decide[/quote]
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