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>> If you dont know how to design a userbar, then write here a Userbar that you want. >> If you know how to design them help these people and design what they request. | Free Forum Userbars

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You can personalize your forum signatures with userbars to show your personality or even to let someone know your status. Userbars are simply graphics that will show off the things you like or even the things you don’t like. Free userbars that are already made up are available for you to use, so you don’t have to worry about creating your own graphic for this. Most places where you can get the free userbars will have an easy way for you to just copy the html code and paste it where you want it to go. If you want to put it on a forum, most websites will also have them ready for you to use in the proper code for that particular forum. Many people find that they like several different userbars but can only use one in their signature. The answer to this dilemma is to create a single userbar that uses all the userbars you like in a sequence where they all display at different times. It’s normally only a second or two that each one appears, but they are all there for people to see. You can even use userbars on your blogs and on your websites to draw attention to a certain product or other relevant information people could be interested in. The sky is the limit with userbars today, and they keep getting better and better as time rolls on. Animation is being incorporated into userbars today and some are really attention grabbers.

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Website Users Comments: 394 | Hits: 10632
knittingmaniac (vol4a)
Others Comments: 488 | Hits: 10573
Carlos Alfonsín Fan
Carlos Alfonsín Fan (KNTRO)
Music Comments: 1367 | Hits: 17809
Gerardo Boscarino Fan
Gerardo Boscarino Fan (KNTRO)
Music Comments: 862 | Hits: 11117
Netvibes user
Netvibes user (KNTRO)
Website Users Comments: 913 | Hits: 11526
AIMP3 user
AIMP3 user (KNTRO)
Music Comments: 912 | Hits: 11957
Pale Moon user
Pale Moon user (KNTRO)
Internet Comments: 833 | Hits: 13110
Quake 2 Player
Quake 2 Player (Demon27248)
Games Comments: 1634 | Hits: 15214
Rainbow Six 3 Player
Rainbow Six 3 Player (Demon27248)
Games Comments: 1593 | Hits: 13945
XLink Kai Veteran
XLink Kai Veteran (Demon27248)
Software Comments: 1542 | Hits: 14773
Opera 12.xx Power User Only
Opera 12.xx Power User Only (James_patageul)
Internet Comments: 2181 | Hits: 18999
Opera 12.xx
Opera 12.xx (James_patageul)
Internet Comments: 2123 | Hits: 19308
Admin TPhx
Admin TPhx (Pepette)
Internet Comments: 2397 | Hits: 18706
Lowrance (joss08)
Software Comments: 2573 | Hits: 17789
test (joss08)
Software Comments: 2541 | Hits: 20308
Google Nexus 5
Google Nexus 5 (aleandroid)
Technology Comments: 2601 | Hits: 24248
Oyente de Marcelo Longobardi
Oyente de Marcelo Longobardi (KNTRO)
Celebrities Comments: 2857 | Hits: 20291
PS3 (EPGraphics)
Games Comments: 2864 | Hits: 26641
PC Gamer
PC Gamer (EPGraphics)
Games Comments: 2910 | Hits: 28290
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad (EPGraphics)
Cinema & TV Comments: 2835 | Hits: 30814
Prison Break
Prison Break (EPGraphics)
Cinema & TV Comments: 2841 | Hits: 25463
American (EPGraphics)
Countries & Nationalities Comments: 2805 | Hits: 28456
British (EPGraphics)
Countries & Nationalities Comments: 2758 | Hits: 24228
Loli (EPGraphics)
Games Comments: 2953 | Hits: 24030

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